Classes Offered

Dating and Relationships: A New Twist

(offered in the Fall of 2017)

This course is designed to teach concepts and skills for more positive dating and teenage years and for strong single life or marriage and family. It is suitable for anyone who has ever had broken relationships, difficulties in relationship, or wants to improve their relationships.



(offered in the Spring of 2018)

The interactions we have with others influences every aspect of our lives.  This course is designed to teach students how to appropriately relate to others by dealing with anger and conflict,  increasing their understanding of all persons, and appreciating the talents God has given to all of us. In a fun, hands-on format, this course introduces some of the skills needed in order to have meaningful relationships with God, family, friends, employers, and co-workers. The course is approached from a Godly perspective based in Biblical teachings and is presented with such methods as interactive discussions and small group activities.  Emphasis is placed on building character and making moral decisions.


Life and Work Planning

The goal of this course is to help students gain insights for deciding on directions and purposes for their lives. Information and testing will be extensive on occupational styles, personality types, learning styles, values, abilities, interests, and priorities.  Ideas on discerning God’s will, relational skills, and money management will also be taught.


Survival Strategies

This course teaches people skills: how to deal with difficult people, negotiating, how to build friendships. The course is also designed to build coping skills.  Concepts are taught and counseling is available for preventing and dealing with stress, depression, and grief.  Ways to increase abilities in organizing time, materials, and activities are presented.