Habersham Christian Learning Center needs community support

Parallel to education at Habersham Central High School is education at Habersham Christian Learning Center.
Learning at HCLC is a unique experience, with only four other programs in the U.S. offering similar classes. The classes are devoted to “life-based, skill-based, faith-based” courses, Amy Walker, HCLC executive director, told The Northeast Georgian.
But financial hardship is testing the HCLC staff, which is faced with additional personnel cuts and may be facing even more difficulties, including dropping another instructor. Students are already being turned away from class attendance because of too few instructors. Of 200 students being taught annually, the number may dwindle by half.
The schooling is Bible-based and lessons learned are life-centered, for example, “Survival Strategies,” which teaches people skills, such as dealing with difficult people. There’s also “Life and Work Planning.” Talk about how such classroom work goes to the heart of the work force education and development mission being promoted by the fledging Habersham Partnership for Growth.
HCLC is supported in part by Habersham County United Way, and has some financial support from several churches, civic groups and individuals, but more – much more – is needed. Funding is needed, that is both obvious and necessary for any organization to operate. But dollars are not the sole answer. Volunteers also can serve a role in making more of our students well-rounded individuals and future leaders in our community.
A community is only as good as its residents. HCLC has decades of proven results of teaching its students how to be more productive and better citizens. Programs like HCLC greatly add to the quality of life we enjoy.
Gather with your family, friends and church neighbors and see what you can do to ensure Habersham Christian Learning Center has a home in Habersham County.
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